No Labels, No Limits podcast


201 - Playing For Real with David Wood

Season 2, Ep. 201
Today we welcome back a previous guest, David Wood! Since we last spoke, his path in life and business has changed and we take a few minutes to catch up with him. As a reminder, David is a former consulting actuary to Fortune 100 companies. He built the world’s largest coaching business, becoming #1 on Google for life coaching and coaching thousands of hours in 12 countries around the globe.As well as helping others, David is no stranger to overcoming challenges himself, having survived a full collapse of his paraglider and a fractured spine, witnessing the death of his sister at age seven, anxiety and depression, and a national Gong Show! ( coaches high-performing business owners to double revenue, and their time off by focusing on less and being 30% more courageous in their business or career.Time over time, David keeps asking his essential question: “How can I help you get more out of your life so that on your death bed you can say, I gave it everything?”And today, we’re going to discuss What’s Playing Full Out looks like, including courage, transparency – and a bit about his new book, Name that Mouse.Learn more and connect with David here: Samurai program:

200 - Four Gifts of the Highly Sensitive with Courtney Marchesani

Season 2, Ep. 200
This week's episode is a very special one. Today marks our 200th episode of the No Labels, No Limits podcast! Celebrate with us by entering to win $200 USD by submitting your favorite episodes. Click HERE for entry details! Now, let's continue the celebration by welcoming our guest, Courtney Marchesani.Courtney is an award-winning integrative health and wellness coach with an extensive background in mental health and social services.Her advocacy and wellness programs focus on holistic and natural solutions.She consults on wellness projects, research, and serves as project manager for unique developments that include health and wellness, sustainability, natural medicine, and traditional healing. Courtney is also a Hay House author of Four Gifts of the Highly Sensitive.When asked how listeners might benefit from this episode, she says, "My story is about listening to internal wisdom and expanding the idea of who you think you are to tap into the you that resides within. That includes listening to intuition, relying upon the senses, and taking good care of the 'self.'"Other biographic information●Award-winning integrative health and wellness coach certified with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. ●Author of self-help books on topics that involve inner-motivation, healing, and societal violence, including 2017’s Feeding the Trauma Spirit: How to Nourish the Hidden Body: the Art of Healing Mind, Body, and Spirit. ●Advocacy work, Courtney raises awareness about health and wellness as a human right by promoting affordable access to treatment. ●She is a health expert and educator on holistic healing and provides wellness content through different partnerships with online platforms such as Learn It Live, Wellness Universe, and Om Times.●Offers workshops, classes, and one-on-one coaching - emphasizes accessibility to natural medicines for recovery and through expressive art therapies. ●Featured in The Huffington Post GPS for the Soul, Elephant Journal, and OM Times Magazine.●Trained as a clinical health and wellness coach; emphasizes empathic listening and is certified through a national examination by the National Board for Certified Health and Wellness CoachesLearn more and connect with Courtney here: Potentials - Health and Wellness Coaching - the 200th Episode giveaway until September 15th, 2021 here:

198 - Assisting Women of Faith in Business with Nadine Mullings

Season 2, Ep. 198
Today, on the No Labels, No Limits podcast, we interview Nadine Mullings, the CEO + Founder of Nadine Mullings Marketing Agency and the Women Faith + Business Community. Nadine is passionate about assisting women of faith in business to market and promote their businesses both online and offline.With over 20 years of experience in marketing and an MBA with an Ecommerce specialization, Nadine uses her experience and education to help women business owners to promote their brands using her proven B.E.S.T. Content Marketing System™.She works with coaches, consultants, and content creators to help them to get strategic, specific, and Spirit-led so that they can attract new clients, get repeat business, and build a strong social network. Her passion is to help independent business owners be successful in growing their businesses!In this episode, Nadine shares a story of unlearning what you think you are supposed to be doing in business and making room for Divine guidance, direction, and strategy. On this journey, she also realized that the path to financial freedom is business ownership, with the caveat that being a business owner is not easy. In fact, it can be very challenging, overwhelming, and stressful. Because of this, she created a company that focuses on taking the stress out of how to successfully market your business as an independent business owner, entrepreneur, coach or consultant.Listen in as Nadine joins us for this week's episode of the No Labels, No Limits podcast.Learn more and connect with Nadine here:Facebook-

197 - Mandating Medical Freedoms with Angela Pearson

Season 2, Ep. 197
This week, The No Labels, No Limits podcast welcomes Angela Pearson. Angela is alifestyle mentor, entrepreneur, holistic health enthusiast, and has a degree inBehavioral Science and Community Health. In this episode, listeners will hear how her journey seeks unification while promoting compassion on issues not fully understood.She says, "Unvaccinated children are healthy and do not carry communicable diseases by default. We have to do better by asking the hard questions and researching the ingredients and listen to all the science, not just the indoctrinated science played out on CNN. As parents, we all love and want to protect our children and we have an obligation to be fully informed before making medical decisions."Angela K. Pearson had a very powerful reason to opt-out of the standard CDC-recommended vaccination schedule on her youngest children. Immediately after her healthy elder son was vaccinated, he developed the chronic symptoms of systemic lupus, the same autoimmune disease her father had, and which has caused lifelong challenges for him. Her daughter and youngest son, Grayson, have remained perfectly healthy without any vaccinations.Thus was born I am Not Contagious, a beautifully illustrated children’s book that explores a child’s frustration at these adult issues, but also the wisdom to know there is nothing wrong with him or her. The book is a heartwarming story from a youngster’s perspective, filled with confidence, compassion and courage. But for Angela, the book is more than just a mission to help children through such challenging dilemmas. It is also one aspect of her quest for medical freedom for all parents and individuals seeking to make decisions that may run counter to government regulation and medical establishment practice or policy.Learn more and connect with Angela here: HERE:

196 - Dismissing Stereotypes with Elizabeth Brunner

Season 2, Ep. 196
On today's episode of the No Labels, No Limits podcast we welcome Elizabeth Brunner. Elizabeth has been examining our collective perceptions of fashion. It’s been a process of learning and unlearning the ‘rules’ – a journey that’s been deeply personal. That journey began as a young girl when she would watch as her mother sew her clothes.Her next big shift was when her own boy-girl twins were growing up and watching them dress themselves. She was in awe of the way they joyfully broke all the ‘rules’ of gendered clothing, blending their wardrobes together with a sense of style that could only be described as ‘free-for-all.’ It was the ultimate unlearning of the rules that we’ve all been taught about gendered fashion at a young age. The lesson felt deeply personal and Elizabeth knew there was no turning back. From there, StereoType was born.She launched StereoType as a way to share this joyful, blended vision of kids’ clothing and to advocate for self-expression of all humans, especially the small ones. By breaking fashion rules, disregarding the boundaries we put around what boys and girls should wear, we encourage a more playful, creative, expressive sense of self for everyone.Learn more and connect with Elizabeth here: and subscribe here:

195 - We Are All Works In Progress with host Sarah Boxx

Season 2, Ep. 195
If you are someone who has that undeniable pull to be a light in the world, inspire action and hope, and leave a legacy for good... today’s podcast is for you.Woody Allen said, “80% of success is just showing up.”However, host Sarah Boxx reminds us, "Showing up, ready or not, can feel a bit scary and somewhat intimidating. Sometimes showing up can feel inconvenient, so it's easy to delay, defer or decline a commitment or even something you want to do."Sarah shares a story of her resilience in holding fast to commitments. She has a weekly meeting with like-minded women leaders to discuss goals and deadlines on project work. She explains, "We all expect things to go a certain way in our lives, but we're all women leaders with families jobs, and other obligations and many have kids at home. We are the ones who set our progress markers and they are arbitrary. I'm the person I'm holding myself accountable to them. But sharing them, what worked and what didn't, that's the journey.If you'd ever wish you had space where you can be part of a group, where you can find belonging and connection as leaders, you've found it. Looking to connect with other powerful women? Start here! Let's continue to create positive change in our daily lives and in the world.Join me for an introductory workshop on August 3rd - 11am. Request your link HERE. You can also reach out via our to be part of the positive change you wish to see!