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256 - Find the True Purpose of Money with Allyson Chavez

Season 3, Ep. 256
“Everything is always happening FOR you, not TO you. Even bankruptcy, or family upset, or lean business times!” … challenge is necessary on our success journey--but the struggle isn’t!”If that resonates with you, then you’ll love today’s guest, Allyson Chavez. Allyson is a prosperity & success coach for ambitious, God-centered women.  Her mission is to end the struggle and bring joy to the lives of millions of women around the globe. She teaches women       how to get phenomenal results with ease,       bend time & space,       achieve their goals without hustle or grind,       & reshape their reality in feminine energy (no more constant pushing)! Allyson is a sought-after speaker on #mindset, #prosperity, #universallaws and #successstrategies. She is the bestselling author of The Prosperity Approach…And, Her work has been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, and hundreds of television, newspaper, and magazine outlets. We hope you enjoy this episode as Allyson shares her journey with our #community. Learn more and connect with Allyson here:allysonchavez.com Join her Facebook Group, Success Without Struggle at Allyson’s LIVE online workshops at

251 - The Importance of Inner Wealth with Julie Wald

Season 3, Ep. 251
Join me for this week's podcast episode where I interview another influential, female leader, Julie Wald. Our guest, Julie, has been a wellness practitioner for over 25 years and is the Founder, CEO and Chief Wellness Officer at Golden, a global leader in wellness education and employee self-care programs. Julie is the author of the Amazon #1 bestselling book, Inner Wealth: How Wellness Heals, Nurtures and Optimizes Ultra-Successful People. In August, Women We Admire named her one of The Top 100 Women Leaders in Healthcare of 2021.Julie shares her career journey and we get to chatting about the importance of personal well-being, inner wealth and how she uses her heart as her superpower to help corporate clients achieve balance through the four pillars of wellness.She says, "The Four Pillars of Wellness—movement, stillness, connection, and nourishment—aren't a formula or a prescription; it’s a recipe, and you can decide how much of each ingredient you want to add to live a happy, healthy life that is reflective of who you are. You can use this framework to integrate wellness practices into your life in a way that feels natural and doable for your busy schedule."Learn more and connect with Julie here:Facebook: @heyitsgolden @Hey.its.golden @heyitsgolden