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Episode 85 - No Labels, No Limits podcast with Mike Goldsby

Season 2, Ep. 85

In this episode of our No Labels, No Limits podcast, we are joined by Michael Goldsby, Chief Entrepreneurship Officer and Stoops Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship at Ball State University. He has co-authored a new book, Entrepreneurship the Disney Way where he discusses how the media giant that is the Disney Corporation maintains its lead in a turbulent, ever-changing industry: by sticking to its mission. 

Mike mentions, "I think a mission is a very personal statement. It's your playbook for how you're going to approach everything that you do. It's what you live by. It's that firm commitment to something. You may look at a lot of different aspects of the business, of the industry, where you go as a company, but there's something that ties it all together and that that's that mission. It's what you stand for. And I can tell you that the company still stands for the same things now that they Walt Disney was alive. It stands for creativity. It stands for happiness. It stands for magic." 

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Episode 81 - No Labels, No Limits podcast - with Gabriela Masala

Season 2, Ep. 81

"Some say is the fastest way is to come into the vibration of your heart. And I'm even placing my hands on my heart right now that just even touching our own heart shifts our attention. Where attention goes, energy flows. And so that vibration we know by heart, we start to really listen more deeply. Where am I orienting my awareness?" - Gabriela Masala

Today we welcome Gabriela Masala, a process catalyst for transformation, who uses her gifts to create breakthroughs and change perspectives. She recently released a book, Everyday Magnificent-Practices to Activate an Unlimited Life, helping others come alive in their lives through energy, possibilities and wonders.

Gabriela has been steeping in universal wisdom teachings, contemplative expressive arts and energy medicine for over 20 years. She is passionate about the alchemy and art of life and pioneering new territory for what it means to be fully alive. As a facilitator and consultant, her approach is holistic, compassionate and integrative.

She is a lover of art, movement, music, nature, humanity and cosmology. The Universe and natural world are among her greatest teachers. She holds a Masters degree in Culture and Creation Spirituality, with a concentration in Art as Meditation. She is a long time facilitator of several yoga, dance, healing and expressive arts modalities. She’s an author, recording artist, song carrier, entrepreneur and founding principal of Source Consulting Group.

Join us as Gabriela shares her story and learn more about her here:

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Episode 80 - No Labels, No Limits podcast - Kelly DiNardo

Season 2, Ep. 80

"Yoga is that constant whenever I've had a big life challenge. I worked at USA Today for a few years and was thinking about leaving my job and wasn't really sure what to do next. And my (yoga) practice got a lot more consistent and I really credit that for helping me make the decision to freelance and then keeping me sane while I was starting that business and starting out on my own." -Kelly DiNardo

We extend a warm welcome today to Kelly DiNardo! She is a freelance journalist and the author of several books including Living the Sutras: A Guide to Yoga Wisdom beyond the Mat, which gives readers a modern, accessible and personal look at ancient yogic philosophy and the wisdom found within. She is also the producer, editor and co-host of the Living It podcast and owner of Past Tense yoga studio in Washington, DC.

Listen to the entire episode here:

As a freelance journalist, she specializes in exploration – whether it’s internally through yoga and meditation, physically through health and fitness, culturally and socially through profiles, or the myriad ways travel brings all of that together. She has written for O: The Oprah Magazine, Martha Stewart Living, Health, The New York Times, National Geographic Traveler and others.

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Episode 78 - No Labels, No Limits podcast - Compilation with Marina and Melinda

Season 1, Ep. 78

Welcome to our newest episode of our No Labels, No Limits podcast. This is another special compilation episode where we interview Marina Barayeva and Melinda Kelly, two past guests who have very unique journeys.

Marina (Marina Barayeva Photography), is a professional photographer and blogger living in China, originally from Russia - such a world traveler who speaks 3 1/2 languages! When Marina is asked what gets her most excited about her work she says, "I love my work. I love working with people. I love helping people. When people come to me, they'll leave feeling more confident because when they look at their pictures, they are amazed at how good they look."

If she had to give one piece of advice to her younger self, she would say, "Worry less about how things will be and what other people will think about it and just do it, try and see how things work."

Connect with Marina here:

In the second half of today's episode, Melinda Kelly, a very special author, speaker, and supporter of multiple non-profit organizations joins us and shares her insights on diving deep within.

On the topic of finding your passion, your career path, "Just because you’ve always done something, is it what you want to continue doing? And even if you’re good at something, is it what you want to continue? Those were really hard questions."

"We get herded, we get directed by other peoples expectations or thoughts. Too often we're chasing, not sure what we’re chasing, but we get that sense of - if we get there, we will be happy and it all be OK. Somewhere along the way, we lost ourselves and our sense of what’s going on and our happiness. At any time we have the ability and power to re-define, re-decide what our life can and will be."

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