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Episode 77 - No Labels, No Limits podcast - Matt Ward and Rob & Kennedy

Season 1, Ep. 77

In today's episode of our No Labels, No Limits podcast, we reflect back on two past interviews with three very unique and funny guests, Rob & Kennedy and Matt Ward. Don't miss this compilation highlight of high-achieving men who have turned obstacles into successes.

The first segment is Rob and Kennedy of ResponseSuite​ who are the most unlikely entrepreneurs you'll ever meet. Sporting hairstyles that look like comic-book characters and backgrounds in psychology, hypnosis, and show-business – it's hard to believe they're serial entrepreneurs with an uncanny knack for building businesses with riotous email marketing.

They leave us with two pieces of personal advice:

"I'm not going to put off the things I want to do today because I don't think I'm ready for it. Just to just go for it."

"It's not important to have the answers. It's only important to have the right questions because that's the way you grow."

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The second interview showcases our guest Matt Ward​ of Breakthrough Champion​, a Referral & Networking Expert, Author, and Professional Speaker. He is incredibly bright and funny, and if you listen in you might just pick up a few tips and tricks to take your company or business to the next level - leverage your referrals starting today! His original interview ends with telling a story starting a job of driving for Uber and Lyft just to get more chances to practice his speaking and improv skills. There is a humorous theme in the full episode!

If he were to give a piece of general advice, it would be, "Success is all about building long-lasting meaningful relationships! The benefit is the deeper the relationship the more likely you will be able to rely on these relationships for introductions, and referrals as you make transitions in your life and career."

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Episode 74 - No Labels, No Limits podcast - Women With Wisdom

Season 1, Ep. 74

This episode is the final of four in a compilation series highlighting groups of high achievers with similar goals. Today, our guests are Claudette Rowley, Brandi Anderson and Kathryn Binkley.

Kathryn Binkley is a business strategist and mindset coach on a mission to help female entrepreneurs live their best lives by creating wildly profitable businesses. She speaks on limiting beliefs and mindset when she says, "We often limit ourselves due to things we accept as "facts" when in reality those are stories we've told ourselves and come to believe were true. When we do this we're truly limiting our potential and dumbing down our dreams, but when you get rid of those stories you realize that even though you thought you were playing big, you can play much bigger!"

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Claudette Rowley is the CEO of Cultural Brilliance, a cultural design and change management consultancy and the author of Cultural Brilliance: The DNA of Organizational Excellence (2019). Claudette defines culture as, "mindsets, behaviors and structures that sequence and patterns that are often unseen and these patterns drive communication, decision making and results in organizations. I look at culture at three levels: mindset, behavior, and structure. Because when we're trying to shift culture, those are the three levels you want to look at."

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Brandi Anderson is a very proud native Nevadan, with deep ties to the Northern Nevada community. She knew from a young age, even before she knew the name of the profession, that she wanted to be in advertising. There was never any doubt. “That's just what I wanted to do because I'm creative, I'm sassy, I don't take myself very seriously and what fascinates me about marketing and communication is that you can have a profound emotional effect and move somebody and help change their lives and never have met them once. Like many others when she left college she set out for places that could “handle what she had to offer the world.” In this interview Brandi shares about what drew her back, how she and her husband navigated the devastating prognosis of her son’s cancer, and the valuable life lessons they learned about asking for and accepting help.

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Episode 73 - No Labels, No Limits podcast - Musicians with Passion

Season 1, Ep. 73

Welcome to the No Labels No Limits podcast. This is Sarah Boxx, your host, and I'm thrilled to be here once again to share with you some great interviews this week. We're going to do another compilation, only this time focused on musicians with passion and their personal stories.Josiah, Vanessa and Corey all have a common element of passion for music and the adventures they share that got them where they are today, despite fear factors and taking chances. They all give us unique advice on how to live up to our dreams. Listen in and let their success stories become contagious.


Josiah Bruny, a Southern Californian, has a lifelong dream of sharing music and art (and the business side) with underprivileged and at-risk children through his non-profit, Music Changing Lives. When asked about his success, he says, "There's thousands of people that have molded me into who I am today and I have to give them all the credit. That's why I'm so appreciative! Speak your dreams, believe them, go after them.”

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Sharing her love of music and the blues, Vanessa Collier doesn't let much hold her back. She is known as a master musician and multi-talented blues performer. She plays all the saxophones, the flute, clarinet, funk piano, guitar, and she's been dabbling with bass and drums. Listen in as we analyze her progression from childhood to her current 27 year old self. 

"Being an introvert, I feel that I don't always communicate it as clearly as I can, so, one of the things that keeps me thinking is how can I be more clear? How can I communicate better? And, how can I connect with people better? Music has always been a great way for me to do that because it hasn't required words, I can play how I feel." 





Today's guest, Cory M. Coons, is a perfect example of a person with a passion for music, family and performance. He is an award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter from Ottawa, Ontario. Listen in to follow his story from his first job at a golf course, to the tragic loss of his parents and his ability to embrace music that has changed him throughout the years. 

"I think you need to surround yourself with the right people to achieve a balance. I think there's always going to be the fear factor in anything that you do. Know when to take the right chances in life. Set small goals to climb the ladder if you're looking for the big goal in the end, because I think everything leads to something else. I'm a believer in synchronicity, everything happens for a reason."

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Episode 71 - No Labels, No Limits podcast - Creative Achievers Compilation

Season 1, Ep. 71

Today is another unique episode of No Labels, No Limits podcast where we have gathered three impactful, creative guests from past episodes. We interview Anne Sugar (an executive coach and speaker who advises top leaders), David Speed (founder of Graffiti Life, a creative company that makes art of all kinds for big brands, both inside and out), and Melissa Agnes (a leading authority on crisis preparedness, reputation management, and brand protection).

Each guest leaves us with a few thoughts and ideas that we might carry through our daily lives. Listen in to the episode and find some words of wisdom below.

Anne says, "Part of being creative or thinking about new ideas is having the space to put something out there. An idea that's messy and not very good, but all those ideas over time create big opportunities, right? So how, and it's so simple in the sense of there's so much we could talk about, trust and respect, all of that, but it's just simply having somebody's back, right?"

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David’s interview was so interesting and he gives us some background and bits of advice on the origin of his creativity when he says, "Your journey, every step that you take, gets you to where you are. Our failures have made us stronger, make us no longer vulnerable in those areas where we failed in the past because we've been able to learn from our mistakes in the dark. If you keep going, great things will come.”

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When we asked Melissa to share something interesting or unique about herself, she crowdsourced the question in advance and got some great answers. She explains why - "It's fun to see yourself through the lens of other people because all I have is my own lens. What you think is normal, other people don't. Just because it's normal to you, doesn't mean it's normal to them."

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