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Episode 94 - No Labels, No Limits podcast with Amanda Page Cornett

Season 2, Ep. 94

Episode 90 - No Labels, No Limits podcast with Roni Lambrecht

Season 2, Ep. 90

In today's episode of our No Labels, No Limits podcast, we meet with Roni Lambrecht,Author, Speaker, REALTOR®. She has a great outlook on life and expresses how life teaches us all many lessons, some more than others. Since losing their only child, Roni & her husband have learned what it takes to forge ahead and find new purpose in life; helping others to improve their lives by enhancing their focus on what is actually important; their children and other loved ones.

Roni's books, Parenting At Your Best and A Parent's Guide for Journaling to Their Child are a tribute to their son, Dalton, with anticipation that the stories and advice they offer will inspire others to excellence in their parenting.

Roni leave us with with advice, "There's only 24 hours in a day. And as Moms, we try to fit a whole weeks worth into 24 hours a day and somewhere in there we're supposed to pee and we're supposed to eat and we're supposed to sleep. We're trying to just pound so much into one single day that it's nearly impossible. And in fact, it really is. It's impossible to do everything that's on our list every single day. And so what we need to do is prioritize." 

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