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Episode 67 - No Labels, No Limits podcast - with Santos Verardo, The Coach To Coaches

Season 1, Ep. 67

Our latest episode features an exciting interview with Santos Verardo, owner of the New Coach Launchpad. Not only is she an accomplished Educator, she also works with new coaches who are building their business while working full time. Her focus is on helping coaches with getting visible, creating impactful content, and establishing themselves as an expert in their niche so they can grow their audience and make an impact with their coaching. She believes that strong routines and habits form the foundation for any successful endeavor and seeks to continue to grow and learn every single day!

On the path to our goals, Santos leaves us with this message, "First, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, and I know that sounds like a typical elementary school principal, but I know it from life experience and I believe it to my core. I'm an example of that and so many people that I know are an example of that. Second, when you stick to your instincts and really follow them, you are going to live such an amazing, happy, fulfilled life."


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Episode 65 - No Labels, No Limits podcast - with Maria Fuller, Girl's Empowerment Expert

Season 1, Ep. 65

Episode 64 - No Labels, No Limits podcast - with Joe Pettit, Professional Speaker and Nutrition Expert

Season 1, Ep. 64

It’s our honor today to interview Joe Pettit, a Professional Speaker, and a Nutrition Services Expert. He is quickly becoming one of the hottest speakers on resilience, producing results by strengthening your personal development, and leadership. He has an uncanny ability to engage, connect, and inspire audiences. He presents at state and national conferences, nonprofits, and schools. A blogger, entrepreneur, and motivation addict – he’s got an incredibly interesting story. Take a listen.

Here are his instructions and advice for a smooth, daily flow, “How you set up your daily routine is how you will be able to conquer your mind, how you start your day and how you end your day. The first thing that I do when I wake up, I just say something that I'm grateful for, what, what is my mission for the day? And then immediately I go into listening to motivational videos. Now, I believe that a couple of things that cause the most friction in the morning is what we wear and what we eat. So, to eliminate this friction, at night I pick out my clothes and iron them. Then, I go ahead and cook and prepare my breakfast so that once I wake up in the morning, it's a smooth process. That is how I make sure the day is aligned.”

His last bit of advice is, “Ultimately, I think there's one thing that we forget is that life is long and we need to be really patient, that things don't have to happen right away. But the number one message is to be aware of who you are and be okay with who you are.”

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