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177 - Walking the Wellness Path with Jana Jopko

Season 2, Ep. 177

On today's podcast, we’re joined by Jana Jopko.

A healing junky who gets thrilled with seeing people’s transformed lives, Jana Jopko empowers burnt-out professionals whose health is failing to reclaim their energy and vitality. She does this by utilizing simple proven holistic, natural, and faith-based modalities. Jana has been practicing this for 16 full years.

Jana has always felt so bad for productive, working adults whose lives have been affected by unreached potential, dreams, and goals due to exhaustion, burnout, and eventually disease.

To her, unnecessary suffering like this should be addressed. This rooted in her personal experience of a stage 5 burnout when her body started to shut down and developed diabetes. At that point, her future seemed grim – health, work, relationships all seem to go down the drain. Now, Jana vows to help everyone get through if not avoid these UNNECESSARY SUFFERINGS through conducting challenges and group coaching.

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