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200 - Four Gifts of the Highly Sensitive with Courtney Marchesani

Season 2, Ep. 200

This week's episode is a very special one. Today marks our 200th episode of the No Labels, No Limits podcast! Celebrate with us by entering to win $200 USD by submitting your favorite episodes. Click HERE for entry details!

Now, let's continue the celebration by welcoming our guest, Courtney Marchesani.

Courtney is an award-winning integrative health and wellness coach with an extensive background in mental health and social services.

Her advocacy and wellness programs focus on holistic and natural solutions.

She consults on wellness projects, research, and serves as project manager for unique developments that include health and wellness, sustainability, natural medicine, and traditional healing. Courtney is also a Hay House author of Four Gifts of the Highly Sensitive.

When asked how listeners might benefit from this episode, she says, "My story is about listening to internal wisdom and expanding the idea of who you think you are to tap into the you that resides within. That includes listening to intuition, relying upon the senses, and taking good care of the 'self.'" 


Other biographic information

●     Award-winning integrative health and wellness coach certified with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

●     Author of self-help books on topics that involve inner-motivation, healing, and societal violence, including 2017’s Feeding the Trauma Spirit: How to Nourish the Hidden Body: the Art of Healing Mind, Body, and Spirit.

●     Advocacy work, Courtney raises awareness about health and wellness as a human right by promoting affordable access to treatment.

●     She is a health expert and educator on holistic healing and provides wellness content through different partnerships with online platforms such as Learn It Live, Wellness Universe, and Om Times.

●     Offers workshops, classes, and one-on-one coaching - emphasizes accessibility to natural medicines for recovery and through expressive art therapies.

●     Featured in The Huffington Post GPS for the Soul, Elephant Journal, and OM Times Magazine.

●     Trained as a clinical health and wellness coach; emphasizes empathic listening and is certified through a national examination by the National Board for Certified Health and Wellness Coaches

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