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203 - From Bounced Checks to Private Jets with Hazel Ortega

Season 2, Ep. 203

Thanks for listening in to another great episode of our No Labels, No Limits podcast with Hazel Ortega. Hazel is a leading expert and internationally recognized speaker who specializes in vocational rehabilitation for injured workers. She has worked alongside the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency and represented her chapter of the Entrepreneur's Organization before the United Nations as an advocate for substantive change both in her local community and around the world.

Ms. Ortega has spoken nationally and internationally to more than 60 prestigious audiences. Hazel shares her journey and leads us through the formula she discovered: it’s the exact steps she took to walk to the other side of fear, to master miracles in her life, and now she helps others do the same.

Special guest, Hazel, who is open about coming from a rough childhood, tells her inspiring story on how she went from:  

●     Growing up poor

●     Living in a rat-infested household, in a dangerous gang neighborhood

●     Living on food stamps

●     Putting higher education on the back burner


●     Having higher education even in her late 20's

●     Having a bestselling book on Amazon

●     Having several multimillion-dollar businesses

●     Flying in private jets

●     Having more than enough quality time for her family

●     Learn how having big goals, leveraging on the available opportunities, and surrounding yourself with good people can bring major changes in your life.

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