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210 - Science-Based Selling with with Joe Tetro

Season 2, Ep. 210

Welcome to a special episode of the No Labels, No Limits podcast where I have the privilege of being joined by our co-host for the day, Ken Fay. Ken and I hosted a few episodes in the past and today we interview Southpaw’s founder and trainer, Joe Tetro. 

Joe Tetro has worked for some of the top sales organizations in the world: Motorola, NBC Universal, Spectrum Reach, etc. 

He was recognized as the Sales Manager Of The Year by the Video Advertising Bureau, is a certified Selling Skills Trainer, Certified Business Coach, member of the Sandler Training Presidents Club and graduated from the Center for Creative Leadership: Leadership Development Program. In case you are curious, yes, Joe is a busy guy!

On a more personal note, Joe also finds time to:

• embrace becoming an amateur boxer

• actively read - currently reading Get Your Life Back by John Eldridge

• study and work with Kevin Mohler, a highly regarded, globally recognized entrepreneur, author, trainer, and professional speaker, who built 6 companies totaling over $100 million in revenue by the age of 30

When asked about his company during the interview, Joe says, 'Southpaw’s goal is to provide fast measurable sales results using science-based selling - a combination of social psychology, neuroscience and behavioral economics."

Learn more and connect with Joe here:

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