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211 - Transform Your Conscience with Leonard Perlmutter

Season 2, Ep. 211

Our No Labels, No Limits podcast welcomes yet another amazing guest! This week we’re joined by Leonard Perlmutter, the internationally renowned meditation teacher (also known as Ram Lev). 

Leonard is the founder of the American Meditation Institute, author of the bestselling The Heart and Science of Yoga, and originator of National Conscience Month. 

Using proven tools drawn from the 5,000-year-old Yoga Science playbook and adapted for the Western mind, he has created a plan that crisply, simply, and elegantly puts the power back into your hands-when you adhere to your Conscience.

Leonard says, "Life’s many challenges --both personal and global-- are on display everywhere. Intellectual knowledge, however attractive and well-intentioned it may be, has little power to change character, conduct or consciousness. Your Conscience is the only quality of the mind that can reliably transform the powerful, poisonous energy of negative emotions into previously unimagined and creative solutions."

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