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212 - Be Fearless: See Where it Gets You with Jacqueline Wales

Season 2, Ep. 212

We are so thankful you can join us today, as we chat with Jacqueline Wales, a courageous and vivacious woman who reminds us “Be Fearless: See Where it Gets You!” 

Jacqueline describes herself as “An astute observer of behavior, endlessly fascinated by the messiness of being human.” She has invested more than 35 years exploring human behavior and asking tough questions in pursuit of hard truths. 

A writer, a singer, and a global nomad, Jacqueline has lived and traveled on three continents, developed a passion for martial arts earning a black belt in karate, and she's now an avid CrossFit athlete. 

Listen in as she shares her journey through challenges and obstacles that made her more resilient and confidently fearless!

She leaves us with some parting words of wisdom when she says, "Being fearless is not the absence of fear but the courage to take the next step." What's your next step?

Learn more and connect with Jacqueline here:

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208 - The Journey of Moving Towards Health with Jessica Perez

Season 2, Ep. 208
This week we’re joined by Jessica Perez, Founder, Owner and Head Chef for Meal Prep 4 U.Jessica grew up in a very broken and tumultuous household. At 13 years old Jessica left her hometown to come to Nevada to start her young life over.And THAT was the first of many start overs, that led her to where she is today: business owner, mother, wife, entrepreneur, and role model.It was her most recent evolution that led me to her. I found Jessica when I was searching for a solution and feeling overwhelmed. I wanted to have healthy meals that addressed three very different health situations, BUT I did not have the energy or inclination to continue cooking every evening, and I didn’t want to eat out just because it was easier.After internet research in our local area, I found Jessica and Meal Prep 4 U. I reached out, asked some questions, and decided to give Jessica a try. The rest, as they say, was history!Since meeting Jessica, I continue to be inspired by her caring approach to business, her clients, and nutrition. I know we will all learn a lot from Jessica today.When asked about her insights from past experiences, she says, "Use your trauma as a stepping stone to great things. Gather strength from the pain and never stop reaching for the best! You deserve it!"Thanks for joining us on another episode of the No Labels, No Limits podcast!Learn more and connect with Jessica here:Instagram @meal_prep_4U_jessica Facebook Meal Prep 4U by Jessica Yelp Meal Prep 4U, Reno