No Labels, No Limits podcast


234 - Living and Growing Through Enneagram with Shannon O'Connor

Season 2, Ep. 234

Another great episode on the No Labels, No Limits podcast as we are joined by Shannon O’Connor. Shannon has worked in mental health full time with the adults in the nursing department and direct care for 15 years. She is currently on her own growth journey, using the Enneagram, learning how to confront and work through dysfunctional family relationships and find her voice. 

Through the Enneagram, she is learning about living with healthy boundaries for herself and in her relationships, while breaking family cycles of toxic roles. Shannon is working to strengthen her relationships and speak up when she needs to assert herself as a nine.

Shannon is a mother of two children and a grandmother of two. She is very active outdoors and loves running and kayaking, which is a great hobby when you live next to a Great Lake. Stay tuned, as we will catch up with Shannon in a later episode, as she launches her coaching business.

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