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236 - Enneagram Supports Moms with Elizabeth Brennan

Season 2, Ep. 236

We welcome another great guest this week on our No Labels, No Limits podcast, a podcast all about shedding limiting labels and beliefs. We are joined by Elizabeth Brennan, Founder of Sound Mind Enneagram Coaching.

She is a former elementary and middle school teacher turned stay-at-home mom. She earned her bachelor’s degree in education from Oklahoma Wesleyan University and her Enneagram coaching certification from Your Enneagram Coach.

As an Enneagram coach, her passion is to help people, especially mothers, learn all the ways God has gifted them. She uses the Enneagram as a tool to highlight the unique qualities God has given each one of us. When not working with the Enneagram, she loves reading, knitting, and playing board games with friends and family. She also considers herself a lifelong-learner, which has proven very useful.

These days she feels especially strongly for mothers of children with developmental delays. Her own daughter has a speech delay that they have been working on for the past year. At the same time discovering additional struggles with sensory integration. Understandably, Elizabeth felt overwhelmed with everything they needed to do to support her daughter’s growth and development.

Today we’re going to ask Elizabeth about:

  • how to think about the Enneagram
  • how the Enneagram can help support moms, and how it helped her
  • what moms can do if they know their type but not their spouse’s 
  • and on a more personal note, what it’s like to be a social 6w5 mom

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