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238 - Striptease as Transformation with Dr. Lynn Sally

Season 2, Ep. 238

Another unique and interesting interview on the No Labels, No Limits podcast, as this week we’re joined by Dr. Lynn Sally, author, performer, and scholar. Or, as she likes to say, she’s a professor by day and a "stripper" by night.


Performance studies scholar and acclaimed burlesque artist Lynn "Dr. Lucky" Sally offers an inside look at New York's neo-burlesque scene's history, culture, and philosophy. Do you think there are stigmas and consequences associated with being "out" as a burlesquer in the working world? Let's discuss. We also explore the ideas around burlesque empowering performers by affording them opportunities to command attention in ways that increase confidence and shrink insecurities.


We mentioned that the talented Dr. Sally is an author, too. Her recent book, Neo-Burlesque: Striptease as Transformation, reveals how twenty-first-century neo-burlesque is in constant dialogue with the classic burlesque of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. She considers today's performers preconceived notions of femininity and explores how the striptease performer directs the audience's gaze, putting on layers of meaning while taking off layers of clothing. 


She leaves us with some thoughtful insight when she says, ”Be yourself, unapologetically & boldly.”

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