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246 - Winning Over Weakness with Sarah Boxx

Season 2, Ep. 246

This week's episode of the No Labels, No Limits podcast is a bit unique in comparison to others. In this solocast, I reveal some personal experiences that lead back to the idea of winning over weakness.

The adage that we are only as strong as our weakest link, what does that mean for different people? Are we not all the weakest link at some point, during some time in our life? When faced with weakness, as an Enneagram Type 5, I tend to withdraw and close myself off. However, I take those feelings with me and they simmer in my thoughts, which doesn't truly help me deal with the issue itself.

How do you react to being perceived as weak? More important to understand is, why you react that way. Listen in for more insights on the topic. If you're interested in learning your Enneagram Type, you can take your free test here:

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245 - Empowering Women Through Fashion with Jill Strickland Brown

Season 2, Ep. 245
Thank you for joining us and supporting the No Labels, No Limits podcast. This week we’re joined by Jill Strickland Brown, an entrepreneur, author and founder of Frox. She has been making her way in the fashion industry for more than 30 years, including working as a seven-figure sales rep and owning successful luxury boutiques. One of her strengths is organizing events to connect with and empower women. She is also the author of "Behind the Button" and a featured contributor in the book Success Reimagined.She says, "We are all connected, we are all interwoven, and when you share your story you realize that you are not alone. These are the stories that thread us all together."Today, I ask Jill to share her journey in life and fashion, what she’s learned, and how she’s used that to help others live without labels or limits. We’ll also discuss Jill’s book, “Behind the Button” and the intersection between fashion, hope, and transformation.When asked about her store and the concept of investment pieces, she says, "My store is on trend, but not trendy. There's a few reasons you want investment pieces. A, wardrobe building and B, it's sustainable and biodegradable."Learn more and connect with Jill here: