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248 - Nourishing the Mind, Body, and Spirit with Sarah Boxx

Season 2, Ep. 248

Another great solo cast on the No Labels, No Limits podcast where I chat about the concepts behind Mind | Body | Spirit and what they mean to me.

Ever feel out of sync with the whole world? We all have those days. If you want to move past that feeling, start by getting very specific about what you feed your mind. Starve the negative thoughts and nourish the positive ones, and give your mind room to change. Start by setting your mind first thing in the morning, and set your intention for the day.

Pay attention to what you are feeding your body, and how you are expanding it through exercise and movement, but recognize where it is in the current moment. We have limitations, but we can still improve every day. There's a value in spending time, holistically, in your body.

Finally, take time to understand your relationship with the world around you. Spend time in spiritual practice. Try to get quiet and still more than once a day. Listen. Meditate. Allow yourself a space and a place to listen, to release, and trust there is a bigger purpose.

Listen in as I share some personal insights: #mind #body #spirit #kindness #meditation #intention #foundationalwork #transitions

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