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297 - Overcoming Limiting Beliefs to Pursue Your Dreams (Part II) with Guillaume Wiatr

Season 3, Ep. 297

Welcome back for Part II of The No Labels, No Limits podcast featuring Guillaume Wiatr. If you tuned in last week, you know that Guillaume holds a variety of roles including author, business owner, lecturer, instructor, and strategist. He guides CEOs, founders, and leadership teams of professional services firms to gain focus and traction so they build a successful business that they also love.

We encourage you to go back and listen to Part I if you haven't already had the pleasure. Today, we give you Part II of Guillaume's interview where he shares how to build a narrative that resonates with others. He says, "Making the connections between what you say and how you walk or talk, that's how you start building a narrative." He also explains how you can shape your narrative by being selective in the words you use. Listen in and gain some inspiration to help you overcome your current hurdles and perhaps take away a few nuggets of wisdom that you can apply in your life.

I asked a few inquisitive questions like:

1.  What do you mean when you say, "People will pay for a story, but people will die for a narrative."

2.  When you began, how were you getting “story-telling wrong?”

3.  What are the five powers of a strategic narrative?

Guillaume leaves us with this thought, "98% of the work [of a narrative] is how you execute on it, how you apply it, how you hold yourself accountable and how you keep your team aligned."

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Thursday, June 1, 2023

303 - Aligning With Your Mission and Vision with Miriam and Raymond

Season 4, Ep. 303
Thank you for joining us for another insightful episode of the No Labels No Limits Podcast. This week, we delve into the importance of aligning with your mission and vision with guests Miriam and Raymond as they discuss the transformative power of having a clear purpose and direction in life.Miriam Morgan is the President and CEO of Red Dragon Arts Management and Operations Consulting. She is passionate about supporting arts and culture organizations and venues whose mission is to authentically serve their communities. Raymond Kent is a third-generation performing arts professional. With multiple awards in design to his credit, he provides guidance to his clients across the world, as well as being an educator in the arts at the University and College levels.They share their wisdom and experiences, guiding listeners on a journey to discover their true mission and vision. They emphasize the significance of aligning personal values with professional goals and offer practical strategies to overcome obstacles and stay focused on the path to success.When asked about his successful "World Class" projects, Ray says, "We must follow three simple paths: Have a great story, have a great storyteller who can tell it in an authentic and personal way, and have a willing listener. Everything else stems from that."In this episode, we chat further about:Understanding the importance of mission and vision alignmentUncovering your personal mission and visionStrategies to overcome obstacles and stay focusedThe transformative power of aligning actions with purposeMiriam says, "Arts and culture venues and facilities are not just locations to view or experience art, but they are places where community is built."Tune in as Miriam and Ray engage in a thought-provoking conversation that will inspire and empower you to align your actions with your mission and vision.Connect and learn more about Red Dragon Arts here:
Thursday, May 25, 2023

302 - Pitch Your Power with Alice Draper

Season 4, Ep. 302
Alice Draper is a podcast publicist who is on a mission to make publicity easy and accessible for underrepresented women entrepreneurs at all stages of their businesses. She is the founder of the publicity business, Hustling Writers, for progressive coaches.When Alice started building her business, she knew that publicity, in the right places, would garner her the authority she needed to position herself as a high-end copywriter. This came with an unplanned skill — the art of the pitch — which is how she ended up pivoting her business towards publicity. She has now written for Business Insider, HuffPost, Refinery29, VICE, and elsewhere.She has been running Hustling Writers for over two years and in this time, she has secured her clients in over 500 podcasts including countless top 1% and top 0.5% podcasts.When Alice isn’t building out publicity strategies or thinking of new story angles, she is taking advantage of her location independence by house-sitting with her partner in places like Tbilisi, Nairobi, or Cape Town.She says, "Fear of rejection comes up so much in my work and - for women especially - I think it's the number one blocker between taking action. While men messing up, failing, being rejected, etc - and getting back on their feet - has been modeled and normalized, I don't think enough women have spoken about how we have 1) Failed and 2) Pivoted from these failures."Learn more and connect with Alice here: Free template:
Thursday, May 18, 2023

301 - Finding Financial Confidence with Leah Hadley

Season 4, Ep. 301
They say change is the only constant in life. Today's No Labels, No Limits podcast guest, Leah Hadley, can attest to that quote. During our conversation, she shares her journey from obtaining her education, to working as a 3rd grade teacher, to finding her place in the finance industry. Alongside those career changes came a number of challenging situations starting with a divorce, becoming a parent to three overnight, and building a new business from the ground up.Leah shares her valuable insights and practical tips on how to find your financial footing and build unshakable confidence in managing your money. From budgeting hacks to investment strategies, she's got you covered! Whether you're just starting on your financial journey or looking to take it to the next level, this episode is an absolute must-listen!Join us as we uncover the secrets to financial success and learn how to embrace your financial goals with determination and clarity. Leah is currently a senior financial planner and divorce financial analyst. She says, "Money is simply a tool to exchange value. It doesn't inherently have positive or negative emotions associated with it. When going through a big life transition, it's common to have fear around the financial changes. Having a clear financial plan in place can give you a lot of peace of mind."Learn more and connect with Leah 40-minute webinar Plan For Financial Freedom: 6 Steps You Can Take Today: #financialcoaching #financialplanning #investmentmanagement #divorcefinancialplanning #NLNL #podcast #labelinglimits
Thursday, May 11, 2023

300 - Promoting Women's Voices in Leadership with Stacey, Nadine and Alice

Season 4, Ep. 300
We’re celebrating again! Join us for our 300th episode! This week on the No Labels No Limits Podcast, we are focused on highlighting the voices of women in leadership. Sarah interviews a panel of three guests: Nadine Mullings, Alice Draper, and Stacey Turmel. These female professionals have a passion for promoting women's voices in leadership and they discuss the challenges, labels and limits that women face in their respective fields. The panelists offer insights on how to overcome these challenges and how to encourage women to pursue leadership roles.Here’s a bit about each guest:Stacey Turmel - technology attorney and legal subject matter expert in website and digital accessibility compliance with more than 25 years of regulatory compliance and commercial litigation experience.Nadine Mullings - CEO + Founder of Nadine Mullings Marketing Agency and the Women Faith + Business Community. Alice Draper - founder Hustling Writers, a publicity business that makes publicity easy and accessible for underrepresented women entrepreneurs at all stages of their businesses.Alice makes publicity easy and accessible for underrepresented women and entrepreneurs at all stages of their businesses. She emphasizes that the biggest barrier is confidence and getting through rejections.Stacey, on the other hand, is an attorney who has been practicing for almost 30 years. She believes that the more women's voices are heard, the more we can diversify the messages we consume and inform the way we think and work.With over 20 years of experience in marketing and an MBA with an Ecommerce specialization, Nadine uses her experience and education to help women business owners to promote their brands.Thank you for tuning in to our 300th episode of the No Labels No Limits Podcast! We hope you enjoyed this special episode highlighting the voices of women in leadership. We believe that by amplifying these voices, we can encourage more women to pursue leadership roles and create a more diverse and inclusive world. Thank you to our guests and listeners for joining us on this journey, and we look forward to many more episodes to come!Connect with Alice: Free template: with Stacey: with Nadine:https://www.nadinemullings.com
Thursday, May 4, 2023

299 - Discovering the "Expert in You" with Ann Carden

Season 3, Ep. 299
Are you an entrepreneur, expert, consultant, or coach trying to grow AND simplify your business? It's possible and today's podcast guest, Ann Carden, shares some of the strategies she uses with clients. During our interview, she was willing to share that her resourcefulness and resilience are some things that contribute to her success.A little bit about Ann - she is a Strategic Business Growth Expert, Founder of the Expert In You Brand & Programs, 3 x Author and #1 international Bestselling Author, Speaker, and Podcast Host who has over 41 years of experience in business growth, marketing, and sales. Her experience is well rounded as she worked thirteen years in corporate business management responsible for the success of multi-million dollar departments, and has been an entrepreneur for the past thirty years. She has built six successful businesses from start-up, and has sold her five previous businesses. Ann has been coaching, and consulting others in business for over twelve years, and has helped entrepreneurs and owners in more than fifty different industries.Ann says, "I want to help people do things in a different way and not go the way that the 'marketers' are trying to move people into. I help put the pieces together and figure out where is your expertise. What is ALL of your expertise and how can we pull that value together? That's where the opportunity is."Learn more and connect with Ann here:
Thursday, April 27, 2023

298 - Give Yourself Permission with Jennifer Standish

Season 3, Ep. 298
Have you ever felt like you can't give yourself permission? Permission to change, grow, stand up for yourself, or move on?Jennifer Standish is a Personal transformation expert and the author of Permission Granted: Live Your Life Full of Joy and Peace, a book that offers readers practical advice on how to create an amazing life regardless of their past experiences. She is also the Founder and President of Give Yourself Permission, which helps women create new rules for their lives, so they can overcome limiting attitudes that prevent them from achieving career success and finding happiness.Jennifer’s goal is to help women rebuild their lives after a suicide attempt. She says she likes anything that helps people get unstuck and gain clarity. But you will soon learn that Jennifer is so much more than her outward accomplishments.In today's interview, Jennifer shared:her inspirational story of how she overcame narcissistic parental abuse, imposter syndrome, suicidal depression, panic attacks, co-dependency, anxiety, and self-limiting beliefs to start two thriving businesses and write a bookhow she inspires others who are struggling with mental illness to also transform their to gain clarity on what is holding you back and what happens when you permit yourself to live life on your own terms.the habits, if practiced daily, that can help you dramatically change your life for the better if you're struggling with mental health issues.She says, "I'm not looking to help people in crisis, only after they decide they want to live.” Learn more and connect with Jennifer here:
Thursday, April 13, 2023

296 - Overcoming Limiting Beliefs to Pursue Your Dreams (Part I) with Guillaume Wiatr

Season 3, Ep. 296
The No Labels, No Limits podcast welcomes yet another intriguing guest with a practical message for business leaders of all levels. Guillaume Wiatr holds a variety of roles including author, business owner, lecturer, instructor, and strategist.He is the author of Strategic Narrative: A Simple Method That Business Leaders Can Use to Help Everyone Understand Their Business, Get Behind it and Believe In It. His company, MetaHelm, guides CEOs, founders, and leadership teams of professional services firms to gain focus and traction so they build a successful business that they also love.As former big-firm strategy consultant, Guillaume has founded four ventures. He is sought after by senior executives of companies like Alaska Airlines, the Gates Foundation, Generations For Peace, AIG, L'Oréal, Spencer Stuart, GAP, Google, Microsoft, and the US and French governments. He also teaches and mentors entrepreneurs at startup incubators, EMLyon international business school, and the University of Washington Master of Science in Entrepreneurship, ranked #3 in the US.Today, we give you Part I of Guillaume's interview where he shares his origin story, how he was able to overcome limiting labels and beliefs to come to America, how he reinvented himself, and created a beautiful life. Listen in and gain some inspiration to help you overcome your current hurdles and perhaps take away a few nuggets of wisdom that you can apply in your life.I asked a few inquisitive questions like:1.  What do you mean when you say, "People will pay for a story, but people will die for a narrative."2.  When you began, how were you getting “story-telling wrong?”3.  What are the five powers of a strategic narrative?Guillaume leaves us with this message, "Your strategic narrative is a chance to disagree with your competitors. Building a strategic narrative is not an act of literature. It’s an act of leadership." Stay tuned for Part II, the conclusion, live next week.Learn more about Guillaume here: narrative power assessment:
Thursday, April 6, 2023

295 - FIVE Years of No Labels, No Limits with Host Sarah Boxx

Season 3, Ep. 295
Thank you for following our 5-Year Anniversary podcast episodes! We are wrapping up our month of celebrations with one final compilation including four resilient women leaders, highlighting our favorite, most impactful moments of their interviews. The NLNL podcast officially launched on March 8, 2018, and we've been going strong ever since.We have been ranked globally as one of the top 3% most popular shows out of over 3 Million podcasts by the Listen Score. We are proud to keep bringing you inspirational and educational guests to encourage our community to remove labeling limits and beliefs and rise above, embracing their most authentic selves.Again, thank you for celebrating with us, we are grateful to have you listening in and hope to have you with us next year!Erin Oeth - www.erinoeth.comListen to the original episode here: Preston - to the original episode here: Whitmer - to the original episode here: DeVries - www.freshtracksenneagram.comListen to the original episode here: #conflict #enneagram #enneagramcoach #teaching #NLNL