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351 - Refresh on the Importance of Heart-Centered Storytelling for Nonprofits

Season 4, Ep. 351

Why is Storytelling so important, no matter our career?

There are over 3.7 Million new videos uploaded to YouTube every day!

Why? Because video is powerful. It becomes an extension of you, your organization, or your business.

It's a simple way to express who you are and what you offer to a wide audience. 

As we close in on the mid-year mark, many companies are reviewing their budget requirements. While many Nonprofits will spend more time preparing for the yearend fundraising push to help them continue to serve their community, solopreneurs and small business continue to look for ways to stay relevant and in demand, differentiating themselves from the competition  

#Businesses, #Nonprofits and #Entrepreneurs need to differentiate themselves and stay relevant. Videos can help you share your mission and allow you to reach the largest audience possible.

Break through your limiting beliefs about being a compelling storyteller by joining Sarah Boxx (Strategic Consultant and Certified Enneagram Coach) and Ken Fay (Emmy Award-Winning Writer and Producer)!

While this is a replay from when we were offering a one-day intensive Heart-Centered Storytelling event in 2023, the information is quite timely. 

We are contemplating offering this amazing, one-day program for the second year in a row. Would you find value in us presenting on this topic again? Is there another topic we should cover? Send us a message at and let us know!

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  • 357. 357 - Embracing Filmmaking in Education with Douglas Haddad

    Welcome to another edition of the No Labels, No Limits podcast where we continue sharing stories of accomplished and inspiring guests who have overcome challenges to achieve personal and professional goals.Today’s guest is Douglas Haddad, an experienced educator, author, and filmmaker dedicated to empowering young minds. With 24 years of teaching experience and recognition as "Teacher of the Year," Douglas brings a wealth of expertise to our conversation. He is a 3-time podcast guest, known for his insightful perspectives on parenting and education, and has authored popular books like "The Ultimate Guide to Raising Teens and Tweens" and "Mya McLure, the Brave Science Girl: The Toad Cave."Douglas's storytelling extends to film, with his award-winning short film "Butterfield" addressing themes of bullying and resilience. He also leads his school's film club, fostering creativity and collaboration among students, and recently organized a film festival to showcase student work.We delve into the following topics:- Innovative approaches to keep education engaging- The transformative power of filmmaking and storytelling- The significance of local film awards in fostering creativity and community- and so much more!Douglas offers an inspiring thought: "Paint a picture with your mind of the world you want to see. Use your imagination. Let it fly and create who you want to be." - Renard (character in "Butterfield")Don't miss out on this inspiring conversation about innovation and creativity in education. Tune in to learn from Douglas Haddad's wealth of experience and insights. Subscribe to the NLNL podcast for more inspiring episodes, and visit our website at for additional resources and information.Learn more and connect with Douglas #Podcast #Inspiration #Education #Innovation #NLNL
  • 356. 356 - Events as the Core of Your Story with Ken Fay

    Welcome to a special edition of the No Labels, No Limits podcast. Today, we are interviewing Ken Fay, an expert in technology-driven storytelling (our in-house Emmy Award-Winning Writer and Producer). He has been busy in the field and is reporting back to share his recent projects he collaborated on. This conversation was sparked by his work with Ronda Hall, a public health educator (Co-Chair with Lassen Links). Ronda had a visionary idea and Ken's expertise, leading to an exciting collaborative journey. The amazing factor here was he used basic technology to create powerful videos! Tune in as Ken discusses his recent, behind-the-scenes creative journeys. He explains the how a collaborative, long-distance approach can meet goals and support client objectives. Ken comes together with organizations, virtually and in-person, where he truly compliment their teams in the most wonderful and creative ways!We chat about:Tools and Tips: Crucial tools and Ken's direction techniques.Guest Comfort and Resources: Using phones and virtual interviews.Nonprofit Tips: Advice for nonprofits with limited resources.Challenges: Overcoming tech challenges.Ken says, "A director's vision can transform a good story into an unforgettable experience. Collaborating with a director ensures your narrative remains clear, coherent, and impactful."Join us for this insightful discussion and get inspired to create your own powerful stories and learn how to leverage collaboration and basic tools for impactful storytelling in the nonprofit sector.#storytelling #nonprofit #impactfulvideos #SandBoxx #nonprofittips Find more information and visit our NEW website:
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    Thanks for tuning in to another episode of the No Labels, No Limits podcast, where we're revisiting a previous interview with Brad Yates. His unique and humorous approach serves as a friendly reminder: when you're feeling stretched or challenged, remember to be grateful for the lessons learned and those yet to come!In this episode, we'll delve into:Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)The Benefits of TappingHow to Clear Stress and Catalyze TransformationsInspiring Success StoriesBrad offers a thought-provoking insight: "The extent to which you don't have what you say you want tends to be the extent to which you are resisting it."Learn more and connect with Brad here:Website:
  • 354. 354 - Director's Cut: Lights, Camera, Impact - Crafting Compelling Stories for Non-Profits

    Welcome and thank you for joining us on another episode of the No Labels, No Limits podcast, where we have the pleasure of hosting our esteemed team member, Ken Fay, an Emmy Award-Winning Writer and Producer. Today, we delve into the transformative potential of storytelling through video, specifically focusing on its ability to enhance support and align missions for non-profit organizations.Throughout the conversation, Ken and Sarah discuss:Origin stories and creative directionCapturing the Founder's visionHow and when to feature Program ParticipantsIntegrating tools to improve your messagingIn summary, this episode highlighted the power of storytelling through video to boost support and mission alignment for non-profit organizations. Through careful listening, collaboration, and creative direction, impactful narratives can be crafted to engage audiences and drive meaningful change. If you or your organization are in need of guidance or support, we can help!Find more information and visit our NEW website:
  • 353. 353 - Mining Stories Within Nonprofits with Ken Fay

    Welcome and thanks for tuning in to another episode of the No Labels, No Limits podcast featuring our team member, Ken Fay, Emmy Award-Winning Writer and Producer. In this episode, we explore the transformative power of storytelling within nonprofit organizations, uncovering strategies to capture and share impactful narratives. Ken and Sarah discuss these four key elements:Storytelling Impact: Discover how nonprofit stories inspire support and foster connection with their mission.Key Roles in Production: Explore the diverse roles within media production, including writers, directors, and directors of photography, and their contributions to the storytelling journey.Scrappy Storytelling: Learn from a real-world example how nonprofits can leverage limited resources, like smartphones, to create compelling narratives.Interviewing Techniques: Explore techniques for eliciting authentic stories, focusing on building rapport, employing thoughtful questioning, and identifying powerful soundbites.We also highlight a few client impact stories from our recent work, and the life-changing events that resulted. Join us as we uncover the artistry and influence of storytelling within the nonprofit sector with our resident storyteller!Visit our NEW website: www.sarahboxx.comLassen Links playlist:
  • 352. 352 - Refresh: Finding Clarity, Confidence, and Courage with Dr. Heather Penny

    Today, on the No Labels, No Limits podcast, we are replaying a special episode featuring an accomplished and inspiring guest who has challenged limiting labels and beliefs to pursue and accomplish her personal and professional goals. Tune in as Dr. Heather Penny shares her journey to finding clarity, confidence and courage.Did you know that close to 80 percent of women struggle with low confidence or lack of self-esteem?As a renowned leadership coach and trusted advisor, Dr. Penny brings valuable insights on developing confidence in the face of uncertainty and giving yourself permission to become the person you are meant to be.During our conversation, we'll talk about her book: The Life You're Made For: Finding Clarity, Confidence, and Courage to Be Fully Alive, and explore:The concept of permission statements and why they are essential for personal growth. How comparison can hinder confidence and distract us from our true potentialThe role of resilience and adaptability in effective leadership.The roles mentorship and community play in professional growthHow to tame self-doubt and imposter syndrome/our limiting labels and beliefs Dr. Penny shares a unique perspective with listeners when she said, "My career started with teaching third graders before I moved into opening my own coaching company and becoming a leadership coach. I often think about how much we learn from children about human growth and personal development. Life is a classroom."Learn more and connect with Dr. Penny here:
  • 350. 350 - Exploring Heart Centered Business with Mark Silver

    Welcome to another episode of the NLNL podcast, where host Sarah Boxx welcomes Mark Silver, a visionary entrepreneur dedicated to transforming toxic business cultures into heart-centered practices. With over two decades of experience, Mark founded Heart of Business, Inc. to integrate spirituality with small business operations. Mark shares insights on healing from toxic environments, making every business act an act of love, and infusing compassion into daily practices. Join us as we explore Mark's transformative journey and his profound teachings for entrepreneurs seeking alignment with their deeper purpose.We touch on the topics of: Healing from Toxic Business Cultures Making Every Act of Business an Act of Love Excerpts from his book, Heart Centered Business: Healing from toxic business culture so your small business can thrive. Mark insightfully mentions, "With all the harm in the world, your heart-centered business is so important. It can be an important piece of the tapestry of healing we’re all thirsting for." Learn more and connect with Mark here: https://www.heartofbusiness.com
  • 349. 349 - Retelling the Story with Dr. Mary Ann Mercer

    Welcome back to another empowering episode of the NLNL Podcast! In this replay, we revisit our inspiring conversation with the remarkable Dr. Mary Ann Mercer, Psy.D. As an accomplished author, speaker, psychologist, and co-creator of Intensive Coaching™, Dr. Mercer's journey of personal transformation continues to inspire us all.During this episode, we delve into Dr. Mercer's insightful perspectives on overcoming obstacles, transforming beliefs, and finding resilience in the face of adversity. From bouncing back from difficulties to embracing life's challenges as opportunities for growth, Dr. Mercer shares invaluable wisdom that resonates deeply with listeners.Join us as we explore themes of hope, strength, and transformation, and glean practical guidance from Dr. Mercer on how to navigate life's uncertainties with grace and resilience. Whether you're facing challenges of your own or simply seeking inspiration, this replay episode promises to uplift and empower. Tune in and rediscover the transformative insights of Dr. Mary Ann Mercer!Learn more and connect with Dr. Mary Ann Mercer here: