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Episode 63 - No Labels, No Limits podcast - with Rob Lowe, The Giving Back Podcast host

Season 1, Ep. 63

We welcome Rob Lowe today, as our 63rd guest on the No Labels, No Limits podcast. Rob is the host of The Giving Back Podcast, a show that shines the spotlight on people and organizations doing amazing things for others. He is also the founder of Strong Communities, harnessing the power of real estate to strengthen and rebuild communities across America. Rob's tombstone will say: He made it easy for people to do good.

Rob realizes that we face some real problems. Hunger, layoffs, homelessness, domestic violence, climate change, education, animal abuse - the list goes on. Sometimes the problems seem so large that it’s overwhelming and hard to imagine being able to make a difference. But Rob has made a difference, and his hope is that you take action and be part of something bigger than yourself.

Rob leaves us with some words of wisdom when he says, “Always, always err on the side of loving kindness. I sign off my shows that way for a really important reason; when push comes to shove, I choose love and kindness. Start with yourself first to reach that potential, because all the other stuff is mechanics.”

Learn more and connect with Rob here: StrongCommunities.US

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