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Episode 54 - No Labels, No Limits podcast - with Cheryl Mayberry McKissack, Business Leader, Author and Speaker

Season 1, Ep. 54

We welcome today's guest Cheryl Mayberry McKissack, a woman of many talents. She is a professional speaker, author, and teacher. You may have heard of the Kellogg School of Business - she was a Professor there. Among her many positions held, she was the CEO at Ebony, a VP at US Robotics, and is the current CEO and Founder of Nia Enterprises. 

She leaves our listeners with a piece of great advice when she says, "Regardless of what you're doing, whether you're working for a nonprofit, whether you're working for a corporation or you're an entrepreneur, is that everyone needs to think like an entrepreneur. What I mean by that is that the skills and characteristics that entrepreneurs have, whether it be their purpose, their passion, innovation, ability to take risks, desire to grow, those are all things that I think each of us can really put into our personal lives." 

With her multitude of experiences, she came to a few revelations. "I found that I wanted to have diversity in all aspects of my life. In the relationships that I had, the friends that I had, the organizations that I participated in because I don't think that I'm just about one thing. I think most of us are just about one thing. I think we're all pretty diverse in our likes and dislikes and our wants and our needs. We're really responsible for making sure that we create our own lifestyles that allow us to do that. And so you have to ask yourself some really important questions."


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