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Episode 118 - No Labels, No Limits podcast with Nikole Stanfield, Intuition Coach

Season 2, Ep. 118

On today's podcast, we’re joined by Nikole Stanfield, Intuition Coach and entrepreneurial guru. Since 2014, Nikole has had her own digital marketing business and she has been a coach for two years. After experiencing burnout in 2018, she now coaches successful business owners who are so busy they don’t have time for an unscheduled cup of coffee to create a work-life balance they love. This helps them actually have the energy to enjoy time with their loved ones, do fun things on the weekends, take a vacation, and take downtime without feeling guilty.

Nikole utilizes her platform by helping entrepreneurs: 

● Recognize burnout and what the cause may be

● Get out of burnout and prosper again

● Overcome challenges such as, self-limiting beliefs, communication, motivation and energy, and much more

In this episode you'll hear how...: 

● Nikole helps her clients have the ability to take time for themselves without feeling guilty. 

● To acknowledge the first step in burnout.

● Putting yourself first is extremely important.


We'll reveal: 

● How to work through burnout, and build a self-care routine, and become a confident decision-maker in your business and personal life. 

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