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Episode 148 - with Allison Shamrell, San Diego’s Best Pet Photographer

Season 2, Ep. 148

On today's podcast, we are joined by a very special guest, Allison Shamrell, also known as San Diego’s Best Pet Photographer!

Allison Shamrell Pet Photography is a photography business specializing in pets. Sessions are 100% custom to each family, and occur in-studio & on-location around San Diego. Allison's style is natural, soulful & playful.

Allison has been voted San Diego’s Best Pet Photographer every year since 2014 - a truly phenomenal accomplishment.

In this interesting interview, Allison discusses topics to include:

  • using your cell phone’s camera effectively
  • getting your pet to look at the camera
  • helpful obedience commands
  • photographing 2+ pets together
  • how to transfer these ideas to other types of photography

Learn more and connect with Allison here:


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Episode 154 - with Founder of Creative Little Soul, Chrissy Symeonakis

Season 2, Ep. 154
It is my honor to introduce you to today's podcast guest, Chrissy Symeonakis.Hailing from the land down under (yes Australia), today's guest is no stranger to the States, having lived and worked in MA, and calling NH her second home.Chrissy Symeonakis, is a writer, creative, author and teacher (among many things).She is the Founder and Managing Director of Creative Little Soul, which she launched in 2013 shortly after her Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis.Chrissy describes herself as: very relatable very driven very motivatedDespite what happens she looks for ways to keep going. And she has proved that to herself and her clients over the past 7 years.“I believe that everyone is creative, that they can do anything they put their mind too and even small things and practices and changes can lead to big things.”In this episode you'll hear: How Chrissy balances business and a chronic illness How she lives and practices her brand mantras, and What it’s been like for her during the pandemicWe'll learn What motivates Chrissy on those hard days when her MS flares up How she works with an international team and kept them employed throughout the pandemic And, what tips she has for keeping focused on our goals no matter how steep the climb may lookLearn more and connect with Chrissy here:

Episode 153 - with Emmy Award winning Writer, Director, and Producer Ken Fay

Season 2, Ep. 153
I'm grateful to have a chance to introduce you to today's podcast guest, Ken Fay.Ken is a creative – an artist and storyteller by nature. He is an Emmy Award winning Writer, Director, and Producer. He’s developed, written, directed, and produced content for network, corporate, tech, nonprofits, healthcare, commercial clients, and others.In 2014 he received an Emmy for the documentary he produced in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook School shootings. A film where he focused the lens on healing through the eyes of specially trained golden retrievers brought in to give hope, healing, and comfort.Location independent? That’s Ken. He’s worked from coast to coast in North America, and he’s worked in Asia.Senior producer at mega corporations such as Comcast NBC Universal and as a Director of Productions for startup Companies?He’s done it!He’s currently consulting and has a variety of projects in production, including “My Road Leads Home”, a powerful series on homelessness.And, if that wasn’t enough, Ken is a volunteer disaster response K9 Handler who has had multiple deployments including; ·Newtown, CT (his hometown community) in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook school shootings·Boston, MA in the aftermath of the Marathon Bombings, ·Texas in the aftermath of the Hurricane Harvey, and ·Las Vegas, NV in the aftermath of the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival.What compels Ken personally and professionally? He believes Everyone has a story to tell and a voice that needs to be heard.“It’s only together can we make it through this life. Lifting one another as we stumble on the path.”Ken is one of those people who listens for the story behind the story. He pays attention to what is REALLY being said and brings his open heart and enthusiasm to every conversation.Learn more and connect with Ken here: Online Portfolio: Instagram: @kenfay1

Episode 152 - Serving Up Ever-Essence and Impact with Caz Gaddis

Season 2, Ep. 152
It is my honor to introduce you to today's podcast guest, Cassandra “Caz” Gaddis.Caz was raised on the 105th block of Corona, Queens in New York by her grandparents. A multicultural community that today has one of the highest foreign-born populations of any district in NYC.Caz knows she was born a creative, an entertainer, a teacher, and an entrepreneur… each aspect fueling her drive and desire. She loved connecting with people and hated being limited. As life brought more obstacles her internal spark dimmed. No one on the outside would notice because perfectionism and overachieving were her companions. Until one day they didn’t serve her any more… she was burnt out. Wanting someone, anyone, to tell her what and where her true purpose lived and how exactly to get there.She did, eventually. And that’s what she gifts the world with today.Caz helps her clients show up to their life with more energy, authenticity, and alignment so they can own their awesomeness and not shrink down from unlimited living.Specifically, it’s the moms. She helps them rediscover themselves & stand in their personal power to create an intentional life with impact, both at home and as More Than A Parent.From a place of being ‘more’ of and for ourselves, rather than just doing more.She is a Personal Power Coach, ICF Certified Professional Coach, has a master’s in Mass Communication specializing in Social Media Marketing, among other accreditations and affiliations.Learn more and connect with Caz Website) Channel) (Twitter)