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Episode 88 - No Labels, No Limits podcast with Amanda Doss

Season 2, Ep. 88

Today we warmly welcome Amanda Doss, Flight Instructor, and Sean Amos, co-owner at FHA Flight Training. This special episode goes live this week in early celebration of Girls in Aviation Day 2019 happening on Saturday, October 5th.

As one of the newest flight schools in Middle Tennessee, FHA Flight Training has emerged as an aviation leader. Even with a general shortage of airline pilots, FHA has found a way to take flight training to new (and affordable) heights.

In addition to holding the title of Flight Instructor, Amanda is also an Academic Advisor and Professor at Middle Tennessee State University. She believes in fighting and pushing hard to achieve your goals and dreams, even if you are not getting the support from those closest to you. The obstacles she has overcome have helped her learn to try even harder and trust herself.

When asked what advice Amanda would give her past self, she says, "I would tell her to envision herself, to let go and have an open mind. Research as much as you can, meet as many people as you can that can help you along the path that you want to be on, whether it be an aviation or any other field that's not dominated by a minority." 

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