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241 - Love Is The Key with Amayla Knight

Season 2, Ep. 241

Welcome to the No Labels, No Limits podcast where this week we’re joined by Amayla Knight. 

Amayla Knight’s goal is to be someone that helps people get to know themselves on a deeper level and to move through and beyond patterns that keep us stuck in life. 

She understands firsthand about the pain that comes from not knowing how to handle destructive habits and routines that originate from not knowing your inner self, and how it affects your life. In fact, desiring the approval of one of her peers landed her in the most abusive situation of her life. 

It was the Enneagram that helped her climb out of that space, know herself, and heal.

She learned to never value anyone else’s approval over her own self-worth and to stand in her truth despite the intimidating feelings that come when her truth does not please people.

Her process inspired her to pursue certification training as an enneagram coach and become a blessing for others.

She says, “I was raised into the enneagram by my mother who helped me to continue healing by getting to know me through the enneagram. It has truly inspired me to continue using this tool as a blessing for others. In the end, we need love. And the patience, and kindness that represent it. Everything else is a fight in vain. The takeaway is, don’t let the world convince you that fear is the answer. Love is the key.”

Today we’re going to ask Amayla to share

  • More about her own process and certification training
  • How we can use the enneagram tools to help family struggles

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