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252 - The Growth Journey with Madelyn Dunlap

Season 3, Ep. 252

Thanks for joining me on another episode of the No Labels, No Limits podcast where I interview Madelyn Dunlap, a business development strategist.

Madelyn married her high school sweetheart at 19. He enlisted in the US Marine Corps after high school and they were married before his first deployment to Afghanistan. Being married at such a young age and supporting her husband through two combat deployments shaped how she approaches life.

As an entrepreneur, she’s growing a new business with her husband who is working to retire from the military. They've acquired 3 car washes in the last 8 months!

When asked about a personal reflection, she says, "Joy for me is a mindset. It's reminding myself that where I'm at, even if it's not where I want to be, is further than where I used to be. It's a lot of reflecting on the blessings and leaning into lessons along the way. It is a mindset that doesn't always come naturally to me, because I'm very goal-oriented and performance-focused."

The ReWild Group helps small businesses grow by understanding the transitions that organizations go through on the growth journey (called Stages). She encourages every business leader to learn what Stage of Growth their business is in:

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