No Labels, No Limits podcast


253 - Embracing Authenticity and Personal Power with Holli and Jeanna

Season 3, Ep. 253

Welcome to another conversational interview on my No Labels, No Limits podcast! This week I have the privilege of interviewing legendary friends and soul sisters grounded in their passion, Holli Moeini & Jeanna Hanenburg.

Holli Moeini and Jeanna Hanenburg, hosts of the LOA Uncorked Podcast and inseparable BFF, found each other in 2004 when they worked together in corporate America. 

Out of their thirst to create magic within a community and their love for the limelight, the LOA Uncorked podcast was born in 2018. Holli and Jeanna are all about making conscious creation a lifestyle - about learning and sharing how we can experience and express ourselves fully in our authenticity and personal power. 

They love to experiment with every inspiring philosophy, viewpoint, technique or life hack there is, and, at the same time, they are fully in their element, sharing their own wisdom and creation adventures with the world. 

And so, they're both students and teachers in their podcast episodes, absolutely passionate about empowering their listeners to learn to fully own their lives along with them.

Learn more and connect with Holli and Jeanna here:

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