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257 - Simplify Your Storytelling Skills with Ken Fay

Season 3, Ep. 257

Sit back and listen in as we interview Ken Fay, Emmy Award-Winning Writer and Producer, on today's episode of the No Labels, No Limits podcast.

When we think about it, our whole life is a story! Are you sharing yours in the most effective way?

Videos can highlight your message in a way that nothing else can compare to. If you tend to avoid being in front of the camera, it's time to break through limiting labels and beliefs about your ability to show up and be seen on video.

In this episode, Ken explains how to simplify the storytelling process behind the scenes AND how to tell your true story. If you're looking for more support in sharing your story through video, or perhaps adding more effective videos to your toolbox, mark your calendars for November 2nd. Ken and I will be offering a 90-Minute workshop to help you stay relevant and learn how to share your story.

Add your name to the wait list for the 90-Minute Intensive Workshop on Heart-Centered Storytelling HERE:

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Ken Fay

Writer | Director | Producer | Production Manager

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Sarah Boxx

Strategic Consultant and Certified Enneagram Coach, Sarah Boxx LLC



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264 - Third Space: Where Spiritual and Secular Intersect with Russ Matthews

Season 3, Ep. 264
Thanks for tuning into today's episode of the No Labels, No Limits podcast as we interview an interesting guest who joins us from across the pond in Australia.Russ Matthews works as a team member of City Bible Forum, Third Space, and ABWE ministries in Sydney, Australia.One of his key roles is quite unique, as he manages the ministry of Reel Dialogue. What does that mean, exactly? Well, he writes film reviews and articles for Reel Dialogue which are published in various publications. His passion is for film and getting conversations started on themes from visual creations. The discussions can include topics of life’s bigger questions that can include God the Bible, and Jesus.Part of our conversation today centers around his new book, The Word Becomes Film: A Modern Day Parable That Introduces a Radically Easy Way of Talking About God's Story. We chat about the origins of the book, character development, and how we can make parallels within our own lives and gain personal wisdom through the progression of the story. Did we catch your interest? You can find the link to the book below.Russ says, "Despite opposition and limited perspective of some, I can say that to stay true to the path you are on can help to overcome most of life's obstacles. Life has many seasons, you do not have to be limited to the one you are in currently. There will be difficulties and trials, but these make us better equipped for the future."Learn more and connect with Russ here: NEW book: The Word Becomes Film - Reel Dialogue - Third Space

262 - Building an Online Presence with Kristina Milosevich

Season 3, Ep. 262
How do you build relationships with clients?This week's podcast guest, Kristina Milosevich, focuses her business on providing that solution. She helps small business owners build their online presence by creating their website/landing pages AND developing their corporate identity.In general, you could describe Kristina as a marketing manager, project manager and consultant. She is also a business and marketing coach (especially for DIGITAL marketing), English teacher and visionary. It seems like there isn't much she hasn't tried and succeeded at. She is also co‐founder of PromoZiS Team‐freelance ‐ a team specializing in web, graphic design, internet marketing and consulting. She is a creator of a course HOW TO ORGANIZE AND MANAGE SOCIAL MEDIA. She likes to connect with businesswomen and businessmen and networks with business communities in the local market and internationally.  She is also a co-author of the book “Global Women in Business” where seven women co‐authors from all around the globe (Australia, New Zealand, the USA, France and Serbia) came together.She says, "My motto is: Be persistent. Be consistent. Be successful. I help people to achieve their goals and dreams and bring about transformation in their lives."Learn more and connect with Kristina here: FB group Quantum Business for Success