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275 - Equitable Access for EveryBODY with Michael Rosenkrantz

Season 3, Ep. 275

We are so glad to have you here for another episode of the No Labels, No Limits podcast where we interview Michael Rosenkrantz, Executive Director of SoCal Adaptive Sports. Michael has extensive management experience and coaches numerous adaptive sports including wheelchair basketball. He has worked for numerous adaptive sports organizations and cofounded two. Michael started on the adaptive sports path in 2009 when he lived in India and then Nepal through 2016.

This is where our interview begins today; Michael shares his origin story as he lived in India, journeyed through Nepal, and how those experiences transformed him, both his life and his life's work.

He says, "We use sports as a vehicle for leveling the playing field and developing greater societal inclusion. Life is very up and down, I think just looking and being willing to walk through doors and windows without knowing everything can help you find opportunities."

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289 - FIVE Years of No Labels, No Limits with Host Sarah Boxx

Season 3, Ep. 289
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