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287 - The Freelance Mindset with Joy Batra

Season 3, Ep. 287

Have you ever wondered if the path you're traveling is where you're meant to be going, or just where you happen to be going? Have you taken the traditional path and followed the easy cues that society lays out?

Today's guest has pondered some of the same questions and she shares the different types of analytical and creative work that keep her balanced. She strives to keep both sides of her life active, being able to dive into the joint desire for control and for freedom. She chooses to work in different industries (finance, media, tech) and all three benefited each other, embracing the idea of cross-pollination and applying what we learn across the board to improve our outcomes.

Brave, courageous, adventurous, and opportunistic...that's how you might describe Joy Batra.

Joy is the author of "The Freelance Mindset: Unleashing Your Side Hustles for Better Work, Play, and Life", which draws on Joy's decade of freelancing experience and interviews with 50 freelancers. She is the founder of Quartz Consulting, a freelance consulting firm that has advised start-ups, venture capital firms, and Fortune 500 companies, the Head of Legal at Syndicate Protocol, and a former Bollywood actress.

She says, "Forget the idea of a career ladder you’ve been told. Careers can and should be flexible, fluid things. They need to evolve as we evolve."

Tune in as she shares her journey with our listeners and see if you can pull out a little nugget of wisdom for yourself.

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