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Episode 56 - No Labels, No Limits podcast - with Claudette Rowley, Trusted Advisor, CEO and Author

Season 1, Ep. 56

Claudette Rowley is our guest today on No Labels, No Limits podcast. She is the CEO of Cultural Brilliance, a cultural design and change management consultancy and the author of Cultural Brilliance: The DNA of Organizational Excellence (2019). Over the past twenty years, Claudette has helped organizations resolve complex problems in ways that honor the intelligence of their cultural system and the brilliance of their people. She also hosts a globally syndicated radio show, Cultural Brilliance Radio.

Claudette defines culture as, "mindsets, behaviors, and structures that sequence and patterns that are often unseen and these patterns drive communication, decision making and results in organizations. I look at culture at three levels: mindset, behavior, and structure. Because when we're trying to shift culture, those are the three levels you want to look at."

Join us today as she shares her journey and some key pieces of advice on navigating a toxic environment when she says, "Really trust yourself and trust your impressions and experiences, and trust your gut, your intuition. I think that's why sometimes in toxic cultures, we start mistrusting ourselves and accepting that what we are experiencing is accurate for us. Then, in terms of talking to a manager about it, start by really preparing, getting clarity on your message you want to communicate. Also, when you're trying to communicate an important message, you want to be calm, collected, and have your messages and your examples communicate that."

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Episode 112 - No Labels, No Limits podcast with Sher Downing

Season 2, Ep. 112
Today's guest joins us from the EdTech space! Sher Downing, PhD is an experienced executive in the education technology field providing expertise in the areas of strategic planning and positioning for online programs and institutional/corporate training expansion, mentoring for startups and coaching for EdTech professionals. Sher is an international and national presenter, author and media contributor. She holds a PhD and a master’s degree, both with specializations in instructional design for online learning and a master’s degree in legal studies with a focus on intellectual property/copyright. Her research interests’ include innovation technologies, strategic alignment for online delivery and comparisons of human interaction with technology that impacts learning.When asked how the best results are achieved, Sher says, "People have to begin with the end in mind. They have to get their idea really structured and laid out. What I find is most of us start with an idea and we try to push the idea forward. And so we're constantly hitting a roadblock. Well, all of those things are costing you time and money and there's already somebody else who's left the gate who's surpassed the offering, the same product or the same idea, the same concept service. So beginning with the end in mind, you can backtrack and figure out exactly what you need and then you can also start goal setting for accomplishing those things and really moving forward to get where you want to be."Learn more and connect with Sher