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244 - Shifting Your Launch with TaVona Denise

Season 2, Ep. 244

If you are part of the No Labels, No Limits community over at you know we’ve been talking about wellness for ALL of our SELVES. From stress and rest to renewal and restoration.

That may not seem like a logical series of conversations for entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders on the front edge of improving the conditions and experiences for others – maybe even off track a bit. Trust me, WHOLE PERSON WELLNESS is essential to our success.  


We asked our community how they experience and address stress and trauma, and I received some very personal and vulnerable responses. I also received an offer to connect me to today’s guest, TaVona Denise.

We welcome TaVona, a very wise, successful, and insightful woman – in business and life - who can speak to trauma, courage, mindset and so much more.


TaVona Denise helps coaches redesign their business so they can actually have the lifestyle and impact they started the business for. A former physical therapist, master certified coach and business mentor, TaVona is the creator of Launch TherapyTM. This process helps coaches launch their group programs with ease so they can bring in their favorite clients consistently without suffering from launch burnout or hating the process.


TaVona is the author of Unstoppable Success: How to Finally Create the Body, Business and Lifestyle You Want and the voice behind the podcasts, Breaking Protocol and Coaching & Conversations.

She leaves us with a piece of wisdom when she says, "God/the Creator/Source/the Universe would never give you a vision for something without also giving you the means to achieve it."


When she is not handling business, you can find her singing karaoke or enjoying the white sands and beautiful blue waters of Mexico which she currently calls home.

Learn more and connect with TaVona here: @TaVonaDenise @TaVonaDenise

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